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From this domain you can communicate directly with the Founder of The Savant Garde Movement in the Arts and Philosophy and access all the archived works of Artemis Smith strictly for academic and library review purposes.

Some works archived here are still in progress. The site itself is an interactive poem, with all the links intertwining in a creative maze mirroring the author's many-faceted mind and life experiences. You are urged to enjoy it as an interactive work of art containing multiple other works of art within it, most of which, if their links have expired, you will also find available in print or e-book format from or

Some links are still continuing to be updated, and other sites are reserved for existentialist works still in progress. Visit us as often as you please. These pages are ever-changing. Whenever an e-book edition becomes available, you will have to purchase it elsewhere at nominal cost. Since Blogs are too time-consuming, we prefer that you email the Author by clicking here.

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